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Winners of Kon Banega Carorepati Season 12

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About Winners of Kon Banega Carorepati season 12

“Jo bhi hai, har setback ka jawab comeback se do” was the tagline used for the Winners of Kon Banega Carorepati Season 12 premiere, which aired on September 28. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, filming occurred without a studio audience. As a result, the Video a Friend lifeline, which functions similarly to the Phone a Friend lifeline but over video calls, has taken the role of the Audience Poll lifeline. Due to the lack of remaining competitors, a contestant entered the hot seat without playing Fastest Finger First for the first time in KBC history.

Three women made up the KBC crorepati winning list this season, making it historic! New Delhi native Nazia Nasim was the first. From Himachal Pradesh, Mohita Sharma was the second crorepati and Anupa Das from Chattisgarh became 3rd crorepati.

Nazia Nasim

On Wednesday, Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 got its first crorepati in Nazia Nasim. The Delhi resident, who works as a communication manager with Royal Enfield. For a while, she struggled to accept that she had achieved her long-held dream of winning the large cash reward in front of the show’s host. At KBC 12, Nazia tried her luck and responded as if she had won a beauty contest that day. She was cited as stating,” I gave a Miss Universe reaction on the spot, I had the world to myself. The scene from Slumdog Millionaire was playing in my head.”

Mohita Sharma

Mohita Sharma is from Kangra in Himachal Pradesh, who is an IPS officer stationed in Jammu and Kashmir. Her mother is a housewife, and her father previously worked for Maruti. Although Mohita’s father didn’t make a lot of money, he did his best to ensure that Mohita received an excellent education. Mohita Sharma was thrilled to have won the prized sum on KBC 12. She stated, “it will be decided with the consent of the family,” thus she hasn’t yet chosen how to use the prize money.

Anupa Das

Anupa Das is from Jagdalpur, Chattisgarh. The 42-year-old with the depth of her knowledge and confidence is a school teacher by trade who has struggled financially as she and her family have treated her mother for stage 3 cancer. Anupa Das stated, “My family and I have had an extremely difficult time as the majority of the money was spent on hospitals bills,” in an interview. The money I have made from the show will all go towards providing for my family. Through God’s goodness, we now have the means to provide my mother with the best care.

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