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Complete Details About all the KBC Season 14 Winners

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KBC 14 started airing on Sony TV on August 7, 2022. This KBC Season 14 Winners saw a lot of important plot lines. To honor India’s 75th Independence Day, the top prize was raised to ₹ 7.5 crores. In an intriguing move, the number of questions has been raised from 15 to 17.

In contrast to past seasons, this one only has three lifelines, as “video call a friend” has taken the role of Expert Advice and Flip-the-Question. The audience poll and 50:50 are the other two Lifelines.


About Winner

Kavita Chawla, from Maharashtra, was the only contestant to win this season, taking home ₹ 1 crore in prize money and being the first person in the world to reach to the 17th question, however she choose not to answer the same.


The episode of the show was wonderful to watch because of Chawla’s upbeat demeanor and the host’s endearing talks with her & audience seems to like Kavita’s interaction with the host of the show. She said to the host that her prize of ₹ 3,20,000 was the most money she had ever won in her life. The 41-year-old confessed to the host that the victory brought back memories of the time when she would spend more than eight hours working on her sewing machine in order to make ₹ 20.


Kavita was heard saying on the episode “There was a point when my father stopped me from continuing my education through the 10th grade. He believed that I had completed my education and should now get married and devote my time to taking care of my family. Nonetheless, my lecturers went and persuaded him, which allowed me to continue my studies,” .


In addition to Kavita Chawla, Shashwat Goel of Delhi also received Rs 75 lakhs. Question 17 worth 7.5 Crores was only attempted by Shashwat Goel, making him the first and only competitor to do so. After winning INR 1 crore, he had strongly justified his reasoning by stating that getting it right would increase his prize earnings by 650% to INR 7.5 crore, while getting it wrong would only result in a 25% reduction, returning them to INR 75,000. Goel earned 75 Lakh after answering the last question incorrectly. After winning the award, the host inquired about his plans for the money. He responded that there are lots of households where the primary provider has passed away or that there are orphaned kids who have to decide between thinking about their next meal and grieving for their parents. I, therefore, want to support people like them.


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