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List of All KBC 11 Winners and Winning Price Money

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An Indian reality program called Kon Banega Crorepati is not just a reality show for entertainment but also helps to increase knowledge about current affairs and makes people millionaires. Some KBC 11 Winners have been successful in winning an amount of Rs 1 crore and more by competing for the fastest finger-first competition to get to the hot seat.

On August 19, 2019, Sony TV┬ábroadcasted┬áthe premiere of Season 11 of KBC, with Bachchan once again serving as host. The show runs from 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. IST on weeknights. “Ade Raho” featured as the season’s show tagline. In this season, the Plus One lifeline was replaced by Switch, with optional categories for the switched question. On November 29, 2019, the season’s final episode aired, with Sudha Murthy playing the Karamveer Special candidate.

Sanoj Raj

The season’s opening crorepati was Sanoj Raj who was an IAS aspirant. Despite the fact that he misanswered the prize question worth 7 crore rupees. Sanoj is delighted to have won a crore. He is from the Jehanabad area of Bihar. He claims that he believes his father owns this money. Also, he stated that it is not about sending money to his father, who is a farmer, but he owns it. He couldn’t complete his studies because of the circumstances in our family, Sanoj stated. In order to avoid having to deal with the scenario, we focused on our schoolwork. He called his mother on stage after earning a crore, who told him that his efforts had paid off.

Babita Tade

Babita Tade, who runs a mid-day feeding program in Amravati, was named the second crorepati of this season. She is known as “Khichdi Kaku” there, as she prepares meals for about 450 children each day. She answered 14 questions correctly. She stated that her goal was to win just enough money to cover the cost of a cellphone. She decided to stop playing the game after she got to the final question, which was valued at Rs 7 lakh. Babita was correct in her guess for the Rs. 7 crore answer.

Gautam Kumar Jha

Gautam Kumar Jha, who hails from the small district of Madhubani in Bihar, won a sum of Rs 1 crore from KBC Season 11. Gautam works as a senior section engineer in the Indian Railways. After reaching to the final question of Rs 7 crore, he decide to quit the game as he didn’t know the answer for the same. In the show he is also seen crediting his wife for pushing him to take a leap of faith and try for the game of KBC.

Ajit Kumar

Bihar’s Ajit Kumar was selected as KBC 11’s fourth crorepati. Kumar, a jail superintendent, spent more than 15 years working for Indian Railways. He claims that one day, he hopes to be a deputy inspector general. Ajit Kumar chose to left the game because he was unable to correctly answer the final question, which was valued Rs 7 crore.

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